<<SOLD>> Fully working FocBox and Vesc

Hey guys Ive got 1x Focbox and 1x Vedder Vesc 4.12 fully working for sell. Because I need the money atm I would sell them a bit cheaper.

The Enclosure of the FocBox has a tiny bit silicone rest on it because It was in my build but it doesent affect any function at all.

I dont have pictures atm because they are on the way back to me from MartinSp Repair so I can send them directly to the buyer. Both Vesc and Focbox are working without any problems!

Just write a price for what you need. Payment only with paypal and Iam shipping from Germany.

I was thinking Focbox about 60 bucks and the Vesc like 20-30 bucks. I think thats a good and fair deal.

Who hits me up first gets it first.

Greets :slight_smile:

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did you change the bullet connectors, the xt60 or something else on the focbox?

from which brand? with heatsink or without?

Heyho, so for the focbox there are just the Motor wires without bullet connectors atm, I used them on my new build, and yes you are right I changed it to xt90 but as said everything works fine no worries. The Vesc is a original vedder one with heatsink. MartinSp does a really good Job there :slight_smile:

I don’t doubt that everything is working fine, but usually you need to upload pictures if you want to sell something here. As you can’t do it, i think it wouldn‘t be bad as min to write a bit more about the general conditions like you did now. Maybe you can get Martin to make some pics?

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No Problem I fully understand you :), They should arrive this week than Ill upload some Pictures!


Pm send 10char

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You are buying like every single focbox that you can find within europe… didn’t you have a pretty big black friday order? :smile: :joy:


Haha, Yes but I have only 4 focbox’s left :confused: So i am looking for extra for my own builds


The Focbox is sold. So the Vesc is left!

items are sold