[SOLD]GBomb Deck and Brackets

6 layer (2 fiberglass) deck from GBomb with two super fork brackets. Each bracket is good for 13 degrees of wedge/angle. I had planned to run this deck with some adjustable baseplates or TKP trucks with the Trampa fiberglass battery tray.

The deck is 26” long and about 9.5” wide. It’s a nice platform and the longest wheelbase you can get on a deck this size.

Asking $180 shipped

image image image image image image


Who wants it?

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Fuck, I still want it, but just spent some dough. I will hit you back when my funds recover in a bit.


Dammit thats a crazy good deal!


To the top, already boxed up and ready to go!


I might be interested. Im pretty darn big/heavy though. You think this board and those brackets hold a 270lbs rider??? Website says its total weight is 4.4lbs correct?

I have it all boxed up so I’ll take the site’s word on the weight.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t hold 270. If you pair the deck with trampa’s fiberglass enclosure rather than a plastic enclosure, you’d gain some rigidity too.