[SOLD] Kaly Trampa City Carver [SOLD] & Psychotiller Carvon Evo [SOLD]

Sounds like BAESK8 will meet this Kaly very soon :slight_smile: Congratulations to the buyer.


s-l1600 s-l1600

https://www.kaly.nyc/street-carver-by-kaly for specs.

Outstanding condition, perfectly maintained; brand-new replacement black Trampa Superstar wheels, tubes and tires; almost-new (the original) ABEC 11 97mm wheels included; brand-new 3Dservisas FatBoy orange hand-made Dampas, likely the only unwrapped set in the USA.

Pic with loose belts is current. 99% condition, one minor nick on the deck.

SOLD thank you


Selling tiller mounts?