[[ SOLD ]] Landyachtz EVO - Enertion DIY - $650

Selling my Landyachtz DIY $650 firm - Local pick up ONLY. I cannot ship!

Located in Orlando FL.

Build details: All enertion parts - battery 10s4p - dual Focboxs - controller - motor mounts. Dual 6355 enertion r-spec motors. Trucks - TB 218mm

Wheel - 6" AT wheels and 2 pairs of 107mm Abec 11’s + 1 set of 97mm wheels

On a 2010 landyachtz EVO deck. Shred lights X-brace thingy’s.

Price is firm. You will not get a better board for the money. 20180906_213632

Call or text me for any info 9 5 4 - 5 5 4 - 9 4 0 620180912_192516


This will get snapped up quick


How many cycles are on the batt? How many miles on it? I may take it to upgrade my gfs board.

I’ll be driving through orlando this weekend

Without the battery the components alone are nearly up to the 650$ xD

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Seriously! Who cares about cycles!! This is a heck of a deal even if it came without a batter pack!!


thats a steal! I’ll give you another 100 bucks if you skate it to Sweden


Well well I wish I lived in Florida haha

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That is an amazing deal. I reckon I could factor in a plane ticket and still be under what its worth.


Killer deal

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If I have someone grab it from you to send to me is that cool? If so ill take it from ya

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Hello Jansen, That would be fine. Except I believe it is already sold. I have someone coming to buy it at 4-4:30pm today. I’ll let you know if they pass.


Took already too long. Great deal. :wink:

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Shit fuck. Ok. Keep me posted brotha. Good luck.


Much appreciated bro, thanks for hook me up with all the best goodie. Christmas came early this year for me. Super duper excited20181219_161218


@Acorrea444 what kind of pulley is that on the abec 11? Is it a diyeboard pulley? 20181219_161218

Judging that the trucks are Tb i assume that it is the Tb pulley kit

damn, i would’ve bought a flight to FL and back to NY to snag this deal…

why don’t ya ship :roll_eyes:

I drove 3 hour straight for it the second i saw it listed


dedication, it would’ve been a 3 hour round trip by plane! you deserve it, congrats! :grin:

Yesir, Diyeboards Abec 35T pulleys

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