[SOLD] Los Angeles area. Complete setup

selling as complete setup. Parts:

Hi5ber limelite deck Elofty direct drive 10s4p samsung 30q cells with bms (No more than 15 cycles) 42v 1.5a charger. torqueboards 12s4p battery enclosure

The only thing not included is a remote and receiver and a Power switch. I have a remote and receiver for the board so that you could test it. Im using it for my other board so you’re gonna have to just use yours or buy one. .

Didn’t you buy this off offerup for like 400$, lmao


Yeah. I bought it from you. And btw it’s $450 because one of the motors isnt working well right? And there are no hall sensors wires because you cut it for some reason. And also this doesnt come with the belt drive you sold. This has the elofty direct drives

My bad. I thought it was you who i bought it from lol

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maybe consider lower the price for a little bit

@KaramQ just got assaulted lol


Does $550 sounds fair enough?

I just got exposed haha

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any interior pictures of the battery/IED ?

Seems a bit steep for the condition of the board, motors, battery, etc. just my opinion though. You can buy a new board for about that same price.

Just replaced the deck with a new jet potato 33.


I’l take a photo later when I get home.

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That deck looking good, it fits the Tb enclosure?

Yes, it fits perfectly.

‎ Not bad🙂