(SOLD)MBS hub pulleys for sale

Nylon Carbon Fiber fivestar & rockstar MBS hubs pulleys I have a set that I bout from Eskating that I won’t use. Didn’t realizes it was printed, they didn’t list it as printed.

Teeth: 72 For 15mm belts Include 5 x M4 BLACK 55mm bolts

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Are they still in the Europe? How much?

In the US $80 +shipping.

jesus, that’s expensive. The set I have cost $30.

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did I seriously charge you $30 for those!?

Yeah if you look at there webpage Eskating I paid over that . just trying to recover what I wasted on them.

Key word trying.

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Nope, you actually charged me $25 I think, I have a set that were made from another source that was $30, which are the ones Im running right now. Ive got yours for an MBS Comp 95 I haven’t finished yet.

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Uhm, yes…

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he’s selling a set.

go plug your phone in.


Hahahahaha, lol

Wait… Do one set mean like 2 pieces?

Yeah 2 pieces.

Woops… Sorry, didnt realize that