(SOLD)"Mini Remote" and "Nano Remote" For sale, the other kind of mini remote

Don’t need this remote anymore and I have to clear out space so 20 bucks shipped for the remote and reciver

IMG_20190117_183312 IMG_20190117_183323

Nano Remote from TB is 30 bucks shipped with recicer (plastic is a bit scratched from my boards griptape)

IMG_20190117_183723 IMG_20190117_183706

Is one better than the other?

Well yeah, the nano was better travel distance than the “mini”

Do you have photos of the Mini Remote?

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Exactly what i was afarid of, the first remote is also called the “mini”

the second one is a tb Nano remote.

Why are they so much more expensive than the rc remotes for cars on Amazon, they do the same thing right? (when new)

Not exactly and somewhat does the same thing, rc remotes are big and bulky

Would they be different if they were salvaged for parts and put in a new shell?

Somewhat, some rc remotes are just plain bad some work

a modded gt2b is 28$ for sheel and 27$ for remote so around the same price

Nano vs mini, and do they have the adjustment knobs like the rc ones or do they not work on skateboards?

We dont use adjustment knobs on skateboards theres no use for em, we just need foward and brake

I’ll take the nano if you can post to the uk (i’ll pay the difference in postage cost, but its so small it shouldn’t cost much to post)

Could try.

I’ll take the mini…procrastinating a print job is awfully appealing

Lol where was this post last night??

@mmaner all items sold please close the thread


Is it possible to link the Baja eboard remote to your DIY build? the remote is perfect apart from, I would add a built in torch for night rides!!!