[SOLD] New Torqueboards 218mm trucks for sale EU

Hi I have change my mind and want to get Ronins so I have those for sale. Price 70 euro plus shipping and PayPal fees (if there are some).

if you receive money for goods or services, the fee for each transaction is 2.9% of the amount you receive plus $0.30 USD

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Wrote PM :wink:

Thanks! Still new to this PayPal and must say they are quite expensive. And if they choose (decide to trust me) f&f it’s without that fee right?

@Kug3lis checking right now but few of these already :slight_smile:

I dunno, 11 days on the forum.

I’m sure you are going to ghost some people and run away with your 70 euro and abandon this addiction. Maybe head to South America, get a new name. Start a new life. I can see it already.


Oh how could you! And how on earth you know my plan? It’s top secret! :wink:

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And forgot to add that they are SOLD.

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