[SOLD] New Unused Enertion 12mm Drive Pulley Kit

Please note the Allen key pictured is not included

Enertion 12mm Drive Pulley Kit. Exactly as seen on the website. http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/12mm-wide-pulley-drive-hub-kit/

$40USD + actual shipping cost including packaging rounded up to the nearest dollar.

edit I checked and can ship for $15US with tracking to most places in the US and Canada including buying a box or envelope with tracking.

I’m located in Ontario Canada. Willing to ship to Canada and US both with tracking only. Can get quotes tomorrow.

Thanks for lookin’ eh!

I’ll take it. Edit: I retract my statement shipping is gonna be more than I wanna pay lol

No problem. I can still get a quote tomorrow and narrow it down and post the result for the us shipping. How much did you come up with?

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Hey, I am interested in this pulley but the price seems a little off. To buy one new from enertion it would be $60 including shipping. So $50 plus shipping seems a little high. If you could estimate shipping to Maine (US) that would be great. Also, why is there a allen key if there if there is no set screw?

You are absolutely correct @Smorto my mistake. I will change the price to $40US. Also the allen key is for the set screw for my motor mount. I will fix the original post for both points. Thanks

The best shipping I can get from enertion to me is $23.72CAD or about $18US I had no other reference. Tomorrow I can check some zip codes from Canada to US.

@barajabali does this change your mind? You asked first.

no its okay. I know international is kinda pricy. Im just gonna put it with my next enertion order

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I’m interested as well if the other falls through. I’m in Vancouver. Let me know what shipping is approximately.

Ok @johnny_261 I have one PM from last night at 6:41pm asking the same as you. So it’s them first then @Smorto then you.

I will check cost to Vancouver as well in the afternoon when I go to the post office.


First post updated. Shipping is $15US to most places in the Canada and the US. Tracking and padded mailer included.

Still available?

Yes still available

If I have caliber trucks wonder if I will need to modify to use this set up. Also how does the drove gear stay on the wheel?

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If you have enertion trucks they are already modified. If you have any other type of caliber truck or clone then yes you need to modify the truck to fit the pulley. The bearing in the pulley hold its on the wheel. Very nice design. If I had purchased two of these in the beginning then I would not be selling this.

Have you Sold this?

I still have it.

I also have three 265mmx12mm belts and a baby buffalo mod I will not be using.

What’s baby Buffalo mod?

I’d be interested if you could do $35-$40 shipped to the states got a spare truck I can hack away.

It’s a mod for the gt2b transmitter. A smaller case essentially.

Let me take it in the package to the post office tomorrow and see how it works out tracked and untracked.

@i2oadsweepei2 Just signed up! About to gather all the parts to build my first esk8 board, and this is definitely on the list. How much for everything shipped to Winnipeg? The drive pulley kit, the extra belts, and the buffalo mod? Side question: the extra belts are the same length as enertion, right? I would’ve PM’d, but either I haven’t figured out how, or I can’t because I’m a new user.