SOLD! No longer available

Original plan was to build a 4wd board. Started buying part, but I’ve lost interest after a while. Now I’m doing a dual drive instead therefore half the kit has got to go

Everything brand spanking new

Included will be 2 2.6:1 gear drives 2 240mm fatboy hangers with TI axles 2ea Abec wheel adaptors 2ea kegel wheel adaptors

Gear drive has been SOLD!!

Thanks for looking :+1:t3: image image image image



thx, already knew.

@FranciscoV The first picture with all of the stuff, is that what you’re selling?: 3E2BFF3B-D136-4C13-8D33-684DD2F40148

Nope. Selling half of what the first picture have. Basically this

@mmaner close this up i think