[SOLD] Offroad Trampa Board

PM:d you <10-char>

Parts never sell for close to retail even when new, and we don’t charge for assembly fee unless your a “professional” :sweat_smile:

Hi Alan, thanks for the feedback. So, what would you suggest?

I am not pricing the items “close to retail”, but with a discount, both for usage and for the fact that I am not a business. I can’t say I’m charging for my time spent assembling the board, or you would be looking at a whole other type of price tag, considering normal hourly rate in my business :wink:

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Haha, im not gonna suggest a price, but drop it a bit every week It will sell eventually

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Thanks for the tip, I will consider it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for it. I tryed, but i can´t find the pm button. Maybe it is for be a new user.

Are you interested in parting one ESC out?

Sorry, no :frowning:

I must admit ive been looking on this site for a week and have come to the conclusion everyone in Europe want to much for second hand boards,which is which why they never seem to sell,look how much second hand cars drop.i think1500 euro more realistic especially as its 1 and a half years old and who wants to trust an 18 month old batterery,im not being rude,but thats what i think its worth

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Than don’t buy it. You about to comment that on every trampa sales thread to make the sellers drop the price and than make a good hunt?

And to be honest the 2000€ is a good price to start with.

Aand we sell boards here, not cars. So that argument doesn’t count.


you just got burndeded bro


Haha standard basic members trouble


Dude come on…

Actually to the contrary I think you have no idea just what good value some of the pre-builts out there are when you consider the cost of the components… and buying from a manufacturer directly most likely won’t get you as good a quality build if anything as they cut more corners for profitability. This guy’s price is more than fair.

Honestly ,can get a new kaly nyc here for not much more than that,can also get new trampa top of the line trampa spur gear or probelt for 3200 which is what 2000 euro converts to here in oz,so makes no sense to spend that on a used board built by a non professional and who wants to put faith in used battery,dont worry im not hunting for used board anymore as i said way over priced already got latest trampa 6 weeks ago and getting a second from them next week their builts are very clean looking when it comes to wiring,and set out.oh and warranty helps too.Would u buy a used car built with ferrari parts from a backyard dude or straight from ferrari for similar price,honestly its not rocket science,afterall sellers ask what we think its worth then i get critised when i speak honestly.Lets face it good deals go quick the rest are still here months later,lighten up guys its only my opinion and others i talk to,just get out and ride

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Than get that and don´t spend your time telling others what is a good and what is a bad price. if the OP will not sell the board he will understand that by his own. Have a blast :wink:

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I will not go into the price of that particular board but I will explain a few things.

Some of you guys do not live in the EU so you may not understand how we are taxed on purchases.

Everything skate related has to pay an extra 17-27%VAT (varies from country to country). If it comes from outside the EU then chances are the original purchaser already payed additional import taxes and brokerage fees.

So the fact that you can get a Kaly for $2500 does not mean the same for someone in the EU as it would end up costing him over $3500.

If that board is sold second hand for $2500 it does not make sense to a US customer however it can be a hell of a deal in the EU.


Oh and, warrenty helps in not so much cases… as soon as you DIY your stuff the vendors don´t give you warrenty anymore… so this point is totally useless here as long as you don´t buy a prebuild.

My point exactly if u buy a ready board u get warranty,if sellers dont want honesty dont ask what we think its worth if they cant handle our opinions,once again chill out everyone we love and share the best freakin shit ever,i dont build im not talented or patient like many of you,the only reason i responded was because i got a hot headed email from someone on this thread i had already moved on,PEACE OUT

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Wow really sux getting taxed so hard