SOLD OUT 12s2p and 12s3p battery packs $999.99 +shipping

WOw that was fast Sold out

Hello Person23632 trying to sell wayyyyyyy over priced battery pack


Hi I think that price is more then reasonable they are spot welded packs with enclosures.

Shouldn’t the cells be balanced before you weld the packs together?

You should be checking that before you weld them together. Not assuming they are all the same and then charging for a “balance” before you you ship.


Updated price is better, 30q cells being on avg $4, $144 for the cells, and $155 for the rest. What material is being used, thickness? Some pics would be nice :wink:

I’m not welding them together they are spot welded by a automated machine. And they come balanced from the factory but if you want me to I can double check for you they come with balancing leads soldered on just no bms.

Are you reselling supower packs?

the shape is as flat as possible will post pictures/dimensions soon

not sure what supower is they are made to order so if you want a different shape draw out the dimensions and I can make it.

I’d be careful selling packs with no bms. Yes, you can get away with no bms if you know what your doing, but the average consumer does not. This means they will undercharge the pack at some point, some cells will become unbalanced, and the pack will die on them quickly.

I could of done what your doing a long time ago, but no bms is a lawsuit waiting to happen…

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They are raw packs I’m in no means implying they are ready to use out of box. Just like you can buy single cells this is just a grouped together pack of cells that have been spot welded. You have to add the rest of the components. Unless requested otherwise

OK thanks for the advice I’ll run them through a balance charger before shipping.