[ SOLD OUT ] Yardsale

Hi guys,

I’m getting out of the ESK8 game to spend more time with family + dog. So we’re having an old fashioned yardsale, wohooooo!

There’s stuff enough to go around for everyone :wink: Some of them are unused, some are lightly used. The items are linked in the Google Sheet, and I will be maintaining the list as items are sold:

Let me know if you want more pics or info.

Buyer pays shipping, all items are sold as-is and there will not be any refunds.

Cheers, Ronny


We have to request access to look at it…

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Better? I missed an option when I made the shareable link

how much for all the tsg stuff

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Including the guest pads and the TSG pass helmet: 290€

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The metr. Is it the old one or Pro/current one?

EDIT : Is that the current trampa module? -> Trampa module

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and how much for the deck and enclosure

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Can you hold those both vesc 6 for a night? I have maybe a friend who is interested.


PMed 10char

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i want the deck and both the vesc also so if @pjotr47 doesn’t take or if i pmed first…

Pm’d 10char

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Hey. Could you show me 3dO crash pants please?

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Mate, you always drop your name on many items and some days back I see that you don’t buy them.

If you see I have placed a reply about the vesc 6 before you here on the public topic. If my friend don’t wants them. You can go



The Earthwing + Bigben I assume? Check out the pics I sent you and make an offer

VESCs are left. The sheet will be updated as soon as they are sold. Let me know how it goes for your mate

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It’s the metr Pro module.

Didn’t even know Trampa had release a new one. If I remember correctly, this is the one without NRF, specified by Trampa as “VESC Connect Wireless Dongle” on the receipt.

if @xsynatic wont take metr.pro, I will!

and I will take eskating anti spark switch!

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See PM :slight_smile:

Are the pads removeable?