[SOLD] Ownboard 10s2p Samsung 30Q 6.0aH battery

Ownboard 10s2p Samsung 30Q 6.0aH battery for sale, under 15 charge cycles. Upgrading to a beefier battery for my DIY build, but this would be a perfect upgrade for anyone with standard Meepo/Ownboard/Wowgo/Riptide batteries. For context, I’m 180lbs and get about 8 mile range if I’m on full throttle the whole time and about 12-14 miles if I’m riding more gently at around 15mph. Comes with 10S 2A charger as well. $140 shipped! Link to product

aargghh.i wish you were in europe :frowning:

I was trying to sell a 10S2P 25 Cycle 30Q Battery for 3 weeks for 100$…

what country?

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