[SOLD] Raptor 2 For Sale

I have an unopened Raptor 2 for sale. $1600. Still in the shipping box. Contact me if interested. I am in SC and will ship at your expense. Thanks

Pics? 10-C

Heyy I’m very interested. I live in Southern California… is that SC lol?

It is in a shipping box. Would you like a picture of the white box?

If I where you, I would open the box and take a pic of it in the box or take it out of the box for pics then re-pack it.

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You could put a note on the box with your forum name and take pictures of that.

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Always contact support with the receipt of the sale for ownership and warranty transfer


Generally, SC is South Carolina. SoCal is Southern California.


It is South Carolina. Shipping available.

Any idea how much shipping to California might cost?

UPS Ground is roughly $50 from my experience with that kinda weight

Sweet! Thanks! OK @longboarder119 if can do shipping for somewhere around that price I’ll take it!

That will probably be around the amount but would not cover any type of insurance.

If only i had the cash…

$77 without insurance.

If this other guy doesn’t come through today I will let you know. Thanks

Raptor 2 Sold


Updated the title. I can change it back if you PM me.