(SOLD!)Raptor racer for sale(10s4p 30q, carvon v2)

*everything is basically new if not brand new and I can send videos testing specific parts or close up photos of any parts

Brand new 10s4p 30q battery with best tech 80a bms (never used) 2 foc box 1 Miami boards steez remote Carvon v2 dual with abec 97mms and carbon plates basically new have only taken it about 26miles since I got them

Pm me offers I’d like to sell it as a complete but if I have to I will part it out

Top speed is estimated at 66mph i ran it limited to 15 a on the vescs and don’t think I passed 24mph, and I rode it on a 10s3p 25r pack

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I’d be interested in the electrical components if you decide to part it out.

Which parts were those? I have some interested in the deck

MRW i see some carvons for sale


:joy::joy::joy:the pms are still coming in

Name the price for your battery, i waaaaant it.
and your focbox,

nyehehehe, ill buy it at a high price, stranger.

I’m interested in those Carvon’s!!

Whoever buys this, if you’re interested in trading the 97 flywheels for 90 flywheels, lmk

What is your starting asking price for the set up ?

Carvon definitely need to set up their game and sell us many many motors hehe… How much for the motors ?

Currently sold as a complete

Congrats, much better than having to part out. Someone will enjoy those V2!

Im interested in what you are replacing this with?

Currently have some pretty crazy stuff that I’m working on in my shop I’ll pm you

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Figured it must be interesting if you were willing to let the V2s go lol. I would have grabbed them if I didn’t already have too many V4 heading my way for builds.

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I’ve got another set so I don’t mind letting someone else ride on of the fastest builds on the forum

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