<<<SOLD>>> Samsung 12s5p 30q battery pack (squared)

I hereby sell my 5 months old 12s5p battery, which I bought at Eskating.eu! I have fully charged the battery 5 times, so it’s like new! If you want to see pictures, then I can put some into the forum! The battery includes a 2A charger, the battery and a matching housing! The newprice what about 600 € with housing! I sell it for 400 € without housing and with housing I would like to have 450 €! Best regards :wink: 20181001_145235%5B1%5D 20181001_145322%5B1%5D

  • Integrated BMS switch
  • Battery Percentage display
  • Charging port
  • Built-in BESTECH BMS 100A Continous
  • XT90 connector
  • Voltage: 43 volts (645 Wh)
  • Configuration: 12s5p – 18650
  • Autonomy: 15 000 mah (50-60km)
  • Charging time: aprox. 5 hours
  • 100-240v 50 2amp charger INCLUDED
  • Size: 200x145x75mm (7,9″x5,7″x2,95″)
  • Weight: 3 200 gr

Where are the pics…no pics no sale


okay, I’ll put a picture in to the post! :wink:

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It will help with your sale as I’m looking for 12s5p for my falcon build …pics and sone dimensions are key to selling batterys…whats the bms it’s using ??..is it charge only or discharge and charge bms…need max amp output of the bms …is there a e switch on the pack…charge port …all of this is key for purchasers

add some sizes - it’ll be the first thing someone asks :slight_smile:

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See 10char

For informations, please check this link out: https://eskating.eu/product/square-12s5p-eskating-electric-mountainboard-battery-samsung-30q/

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Is this still available

I can answer for OP since i bought this pack, so no unforunnaly its not avaible