SOLD Selling 2x Maytech 6374 Sealed and Sensored 190kv

I bought these as extras, i have no use for them and i didn’t even unpack them fully

I tested the 3rd on from the order and it runs really smoothly and quiet in foc

Asking for 115eur each, 2 for 220eur also could trade for a nice remote

plus you get a bt module for your vesc :slight_smile:

Motor Rpm/V: 190Kv
Max Current: 70A
Motor Resistance: 0.0402hm
Battery type: 4-12S
Diameter: 63.4mm
Length: 69mm
Wires: 12AWG 20cm with 5.5mm gold connectors
Weight: 668gr

20181023_175543 20181023_175642


Aw great price. Just bought the unsealed version though so sadly I must pass this onto the next lucky bastard. Unless you wanna trade for the mini rc trigger remote which I highly doubt.

I was thinking more of a something like the enertions remote :smiley:

I got one of those too :smiley:

I’m planning a dual 6355 build but if these fit on SR TKP With PT mounts, I might be interested


I have no idea i can do some measurements tho

They do with 80x10mm axle. @bigben Can you confirm this? Maybe they’ll fit on 70x10mm too?

My other concern is that I found that in order to use bkb push fit pulleys, I’ll need 90mm axles. I would really like to use shorter axles on tayto deck

Do you know the overall length of these cans with the nipples on the end? I found it pretty tight with the true 6374mm cans. That was with 80mm axles. I was using sixshooters with over 15mm pulleys though and the pulley bolts were close. @sender has had a setup like this on his lacroix I think or of course @mmaner Mr @psychotiller himself would undoubtedly know the way forward.


I measured 74mm with a ruler, tomorrow i will measure it with a caliper unless someone has the dimensions sheet

image These motors are 74mm from face of can to end of nipple. Psychotiller mounts, sixshooters and 15mm belts so 18mm or so pulley. 80mm axles.


I have TB 6374’s on my bludgeon build, using SR TOPs with 90mm axles and 25mm pulleys and belts. THere is about 2.5mm between the cans.


Sorry for the potatoe pic, if y’all need a better one let me know and I’ll run out to the truck.


Now this a proper belt drive!

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its pretty much overkill, but it never slips. take a lot of what hours to turn those belts though. with 15mm belts I use 22 wh per mile, with 25mm belts I use 28 wh per mile.


28wh seems a lot, Im interested how much wh will my a chain setup use probably less since the tensions is a lot smaller

Hopefully I will have those numbers really soon

That is per motor right?

Im also running 6in numies, so that means a lot of WH usage right there.


That a hummie deck?

Yes it is.

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Dem belts tho! One way to guarantee no slippage.

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@mmaner, these belts are good for ass whoopn’