[sold] Selling all my DIY stuff as 1 lot. Socal pickup only

Selling all my DIY gear.

Starting offers at $500 for the whole lot.

Here is an approximate list of everything:

2017 Jimmy Riha pro deck (new) Jetspud deck (ridden briefly, never gripped) Caliber 2 trucks Torqueboard trucks Torqueboard 6374 (new) Torqueboard 6355 (used) Abec 107s (new) Kegel wheels (new) Mini remote (new) Enertion remote (new) Vesc (used) Some MarcMT mounts BMS (dont remember much about it) 3 6000mah 4s Graphene batteries (new) 2 5000mah 5s batteries

Various other stuff, all in pics.

Make me an offer. Sold all as 1, no parting out.

IMG_20190114_120304437_HDR%20(1) IMG_20190114_120258759_HDR IMG_20190114_120233776_HDR IMG_20190114_120255948_HDR IMG_20190114_120304437_HDR%20(1) IMG_20190114_120251416_HDR IMG_20190114_120311476_HDR IMG_20190114_120317738_HDR IMG_20190114_120509063_HDR IMG_20190114_120251416_HDR IMG_20190114_120233776_HDR IMG_20190114_120255948_HDR IMG_20190114_120258759_HDR IMG_20190114_120304437_HDR%20(1) IMG_20190114_120304437_HDR%20(1) IMG_20190114_120311476_HDR IMG_20190114_120317738_HDR IMG_20190114_120509063_HDR


Mind telling us where you live? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


… and why you’re quitting such a rewarding sport?


if u do end up parting out id be interested in the batteries :3

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i sense the wife aggro has reached an all time high :persevere:

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He says socal in the title. But I wanna know not ship it. Would be able sell much quicker.

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Ventura County.

Getting out of it because I lost interest and need to put my money toward other things.


oooooooooffffffffffffffffffff, welp :disappointed_relieved:

Why not ship it?

if you part out, I’m interested in the 4s graphenes

it would probably be a nightmare + lithium. my calculation at least 100 bucks.

Besides the batteries and deck, most can fit into one or two large flat rate box from USPS. And sell the deck and batteries separate unless buyer wanted to pay shipping.

but he wants to sell it as a lot. :laughing:

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Yeah I get that. Maybe try this if there are no bites as a lot sale. :grinning:

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No way. You’re within a few miles from me. Woohoo. If you happen to part them out, hit me up.


Ugh… want that deck


That deck looks good.

If you want to ship stuff separately, I’d be interested in some stuff

Looks like my photo upload got a little messed up, here is the Jetspud tooIMG_20190114_120439700_HDR !IMG_20190114_120448982_HDR


Lets start this off at $500.