(Sold) Selling Battery case+Esc case

Hi all,

I’m going to buy a ownboard kit. There are a couple things in this kit which I don’t need like the charger(42V 2A), metal battery and esc case.

Battery and Esc case (costs around 35$):

Charger (costs around 20$):

If someone is looking for this tell me, I don’t know how much shipping will be for these 3 parts but I guess around 8€. I will sell them for 35€ shipped.

I’m located in the EU so shipping to EU won’t be a problem! :blush:

sold yet? 10 chacs

My previous enclosures are sold.

But I got a new ownboard kit and again selling the enclosures, so if you still want them? They also came with foampads. IMG_20190306_233351