**SOLD**Selling board, includes dual vescx, space cell 4 (10S4P), carbon fiber deck, some extras $750 OBO

Selling my board, electronics all in perfect working condition. I overtightened some of the elevator bolts on the motor mounts and they cracked, so it needs new ones. I tried a couple local parts stores and they kept ordering the wrong sizes. I’m going to order a Raptor 2.1 after this sells. The board specs: SPACE Cell 4 (10S4P), dual Raptor 1 motors, dual VESCX, Hifiber carbon fiber deck, Raptor remote… top speed around 27-28 mph. Extra parts included: 1 extra enertion remote, 1 extra receiver, 1 extra 2.4 ghz remote, extra belts, extra VESCX *this additional vesc kept giving me an “ABS_OVER_CURRENT” error so I think the extra included vesc is defective. Let me know if you guys have any questions about the board, or if you have a link to order new bolts for the motor mounts so I could fix it before it sells. You can call or text me if you have any questions about the set up: 407-504-1221 -Ian


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I know you don’t want to part out, but if you do, LMK what you want for those motors!

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If so, how much for the deck only?

If I can’t sell everything together, then I’ll definitely consider parting it out. :slight_smile:


If you do part it out, let me know about the 2 motor mounts.

Vescx if seperate thx

im interested in nano remote

Those enertion motors sure do look good.

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I would be interested in the motor mounts.

How much for the Nano remote?