[SOLD] Selling stuff from my Workshop EU [SOLD]

Would be up for group buy if the price is right

Well, Splitt 4 ways its still around 800 euro per head.

Biggest chunck of dough is on the complete trampa board. If we have to part out that as well its a hell of a distribution job xD

Rock paper scissors? Winner gets trampa?


If a good soul is willing to buy and then reship to different people, I would be interested ! Would love that Lendyachtz with the enclosure ! My deck is ready to snap…

That’s way too much money… only want/ or perhaps might consider buying a few pieces


Unfortunately im in the same boat amigo

I did make an offer on the whole package, if OP is happy with my bid i will part out the stuff that i dont need for my own projects later on, which will be more than half of the stuff


Count me in for some parts then :wink:

I did a swift addition on my calculator and came up with the number 2830 euro. I took the prices of roughly what I knew was retail price and cut of about a chunck since its not out of the bag new. So the starting price is a tad bit high, in my opinion (dont take to hard on this tho, very swift calc…). So maybe 3000 is a compromise?

Edit: I suck, I missed some items

Yes indeed it seems your calculations are spot on!


If that trampa got parted out I’d be interested in the battery if no one else wants it

Good parts but I wouldn’t need all of it.

You manage to single out the only part thats a pain in the ass to ship :smiley: good for you, all yours!


I’d be in for some stuff aswell (primarily Landyatchz deck, trucks, enclosure and spotwelder, maybe some more things)! Guess you’re in Sweden too?

Don’t take anything for granted, if OP answers me back i will be willing to discuss a price but i think 3500 is stretching the value a bit. Especially since its all sold in a package the price should be favourable for the buyer in my opinion.

Its a large pile of cash to pay up!

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So does your “staff” work for free or will I have to pay them?

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interested in this and the trampa wheels if you decide to split

A few days ago i bought a car for 2800eur lol Eskate stuff is pretty expensive!


I was bored, did some counting. all new prices image


Everything is quite expensive I must say ! I looked for the eskating enclosure (one of the things that interests me) and it’s even more expensive than in the shop !

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