(SOLD)Sunkko Spot Welder for Sale -$85

Here is a Sunkko 788H that I brought back in July, made around 2 packs on it and gave up, I like the piece of mind know my battery was not made by an idiot (me)

Mistakes made on my battery

  1. using fake nickel strips.
  2. using thin nickel strips.
  3. not using fish paper.
  4. not using glue.
  5. not having the spot welder settings high enough.

Anyways spot welder is 90$ shipped, comes with original box and foot pedal.

Comes with the velcro :sweat_smile:

Welder is $148.59$ on sunkkos website

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Mmmmm, very possibly interested. I’ll tell you what, can you send me a PM if you don’t mind, what you think is a reasonable offer?

Just FYI I’m in between dropping on building my own battery soon or just sticking with what I got, so no guarantees. Either way, GLWS

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Yep, i sent you a Pm

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Was it held together with magic and spit? Did you ride it at all?

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yeah it worked, just welded one cell and than use the nickle to hold them together.


Where are you located? And how much to ship to NZ

Hey, are you shipping to Croatia?

I am located in Brooklyn NY, shipping international would’ve expensive

70$ for New Zealand and 60$ for Croatia

Why don’t you just keep it and do some more research into how to build a proper pack?

These things are easily remedied…

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I know how to build a pack correctly now but I like having the feeling that my pack was built by a professional. :rofl:

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Spot welder 85$ shipped


Hey, is it already sold? It would be a great thing😍

Changed the title to reflect the new price.

Yep its sold.

@mmaner @anorak234