[SOLD]Surf Rodz Parts

Selling a lot of surf rodz parts that I bought. Haven’t been building as much as anticipated

Have not tested any of the threads on the hangers but they visually look good. One or two of the hangers look like they use a larger size axle, not sure.

(5) 200mm hangers (2) polished 45 degree plates (2) machined 50 degree plates (1) blue 50 (1) gray 35 (1) stealth division plate, unmarked, looks to be 45 (1) part of adjustable base plate

$225 shipped, US only. Sold as is

image image image image image image image image image image image

You need to add pictures for this post to be taken serious. It sounds like a decent deal but no one will buy it without pics

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Only part of adjustable base plate :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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If you’re willing to part it out, I’m interested in the 50 an 35 baseplate.

I’ll but the black one with a 50 degree base

I have 2 carvon sr build is this what I need ?

The Carvon hanger does not fit surfrodz geometry, it matches caliber geometry.

What I mean is that my board has carvon in the back and some caliber in the front

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This is a goddammed steal, get in while you can…

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Is that ajustable for this kind of surf rods ?

Who bought these was it @skunk or was it @sender I know both cant resist the power of surfrodz.

Lol. Not I

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Im broke my dude.

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The mystery continues then. But who ever got it got a hell of a deal