(SOLD)TB Vesc For Sale

917rpm would be going at 5mph…

usually our motors clock in at 55k erpm

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with conventional wheels and a 1:1 ratio you are correct, but I am running 14in wheels and a 3:1 ratio


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My bad, was looking at the wrong plan, it will be a 1:1 with the 14in wheels (If I use that motor). But dw, I have already opened a topic asking about this motor, so don’t respond unless you want to (to me I mean)

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Stop posting on here. :sob:


He doesn’t care, he’s a Savage :joy::joy:


Can confirm; 100kv on belts is torquey as a mofo. Rip your shoes off


100kv or below for Hubs. …sweet spot for belt driven is between 140kv to 190kv for good balance (between speed & torque). …200kv is aceptable (for speedier) … up to 245kv under certain conditions (speedier controled with big pulley ratios).

I mean to be fair, no XT-freakin-90 should melt if you know how to solder properly lmaooo

I would be interested but I have no money.

ever heard of fake connectors?:rofl:

some xt90s bullets will melt through the plastic after 5 secs at 350c…

thats why i only use amass most of the time

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Oh dang really haha I actually hadn’t XD

I use amass or the amazon ones are good… LH connectors I think

Just solder them together while plugged-in. The pins stay perfectly straight. Even Amass brand ones. Solder while mated. It also helps pull the heat out while it’s cooling.

uh translator?

ive never had amass branded ones weaken or melt before.

@mmaner @anorak234 please close the thread

im just gonna use the vesc to replace the esc subsutute I was gonna use on my 22-inch mini build :rofl: