SOLD - Torqueboards 218mm trucks and Evolve ABEC 107mm wheels for sale


Hi All,

Due to my never-ending slew of esk8-related purchases that I don’t need (I’m sure most of you can relate), I’m selling off my Torqueboards 218mm trucks and Evolve ABEC 107mm wheels. Here are the prices with pictures and additional info:

Torqueboards 218mm trucks:


These have never been used, but the pivot cup seat is pretty scratched up from all the prying I had to do when I was having some issues with pivot cups. The only reason I’m selling them is because my overly-perfectionistic ass couldn’t stand the scratches all around the pivot seat (yes, I know it’s stupid). They come with Caliber II pivot cups and stock bushings. $40, I’ll pay for priority shipping in the US. Outside of the US, you’ll have to pay shipping/customs.

Evolve 107mm wheels:


These have also never been used (though they have been drilled out to accommodate the pulley). I am selling these because I already have a set of 107mms and these were an impulse buy. I’d like to sell them with the pulley. Luckily for you, that means you won’t have to spend the annoying work drilling them out for the pulley and getting it centered. Also, the torquier 40T pulley is perfect for the larger (less torque) 107mm wheel size. $140, I’ll pay for shipping inside the US.




ill take the trucks!


How wide is the pulley? Will a 15mm belt fit?

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Yeah, it’s 15mm. Sorry for not including that in the original post.


I want yellow cores just because it would match my build better than green. Lol


That’s actually why I bought them lol (I have the orange/green abecs). But I’ve heard some people on the forum say they like the orange/green abecs better (even tho they should be the exact same wheels as the Evolves). I also realized I want one of fatboy’s nice bearing pulleys only AFTER I had drilled out these haha.


I’ve got the black and green


I’ll take the 107s to Sydney Australia, dm me