[SOLD] TorqueBoards Direct Drive, FOCBOX Unity & ABEC11 107mm Wheels (Sold as Set)

https:///products/torqueboards-direct-drive-motor-kit I have a TorqueBoards Direct Drive kit for ABEC11 wheels on pre-order from Black Friday that should be here soon, and as much as I want to keep it, I really should use the money to make student loan payments. I paid $600 on Black Friday for it and they are for sale at $650 now. I would sell for $575 and ship as soon as I receive. I can post proof of purchase if you would like.

I also have a completely unused FOCBOX Unity & a set of barely used green ABEC11 107s. I maybe have 30 miles on them. I’ll update this post with pictures when I get home today.

I will not sell the Unity or the wheels separately. You must buy the direct drive and then you can choose if you want the wheels or the Unity too. I can do as low as $900 even for everything otherwise it is $575 for the direct drive, $100 for the wheels and $250 for the Unity + shipping.


Damn. If you decide to part out unity and 107, let me know. I’m ready to buy.

Good luck with the sale.:wink:

Hi, I will buy everything for $900. Actually, can you clarify…Is it the 90kv version?

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Nope 75Kv :confused:

I think that you can ask @torqueboards to change the kv in your order, so it should be no problem.

Why would you want the 90kv? It should go 30mph with the 75kv and 107s

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Maybe he wants more speed?

You can change KV. That’s fine. Just let us know.

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I have had both 110kv and 85kv carvon.

I’d take the 85kv every single time. Top speed on 97mm was 57kph with my weight of 85kg. And honestly torque was still something left to be desired hence they are no longer called torque drives.

New DD will be equivalent to Dual 6374. Same stator size. Previous DD setups are typically only running a Dual 6355 stator.


How’s the max hill gradient on 107’s and 10s?

@DEEIF typically all hills should be good. The worry is if you’re climbing a 25% grade hill, 10 times back to back. And/or you stop and lose momentum in the middle of a hill it adds to the heat.

If you’re doing excessive hill climbing a DD isn’t the best option which should be obvious. If you plan on going up excessive hills, keep an eye on the heat that you generate. Powering up a hill as fast as possible will create less heat then if you lose momentum and slowly move up a hill.

People who actually climb steep hills might want a geared setup instead.

We have some testers climbing some steep hills and it is impressive but I haven’t been able to test myself since moving out in TX there’s like absolutely zero hills. :cry:


Thanks @torqueboards ! I have two 20-23 percent gradient hills that I go up but that is it really, usually I pull a friend up the hill with me for a total weight of 179-190 pds. Im thinking of building a new board with ur dd so that’s why I was asking, will probably go with your dd.


I would recommend the 75kv version

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Its all good ill still buy it from you, but it would be cool if you would ask torqueboards to change the preorder to the 90kv variant

I would go 75kv unless it is going to be 4wd on thane. Then 90 kv as you gain some speed, but will keep plenty of torque with the extra 2 motors.

If the plan is 4wd on the TB pneumatics, then 75kv.


I agree with @Sender . Essentially the only time when you want 90kv is if you’re doing four wheel drive on polyurethane.

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Everything sold to @spooled

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