[SOLD] Trampa MTB 35 Holypro deck, 8 inch Superstar Wheel, Vertigo Truck, 136KV Motor

Hey guys,

I am selling off my Trampa MTB. This board i bought from a local guy here which seldom use, after i bought and start to build put in ESC and battery. All running well. But the problem is i cant always take out for a ride. I living in singapore, this MTB is too large for me to take along and taking the train and buses. I am thinking to get another board with pneumatic wheels. ESC mount is made by own self with MDF board. this is not permanent solution, you have design your own one. So i try my luck to sell here.

Pricing for the board with motor, FVT sleeping lion ESC and mini remote all together is USD1000. You can just plug 12S battery and go for run. for the shipping fee, depend which county you from. i have to check my local shipment. and try to bargain a good price.

Anyone if interest just shoot me a message. We can discuss.


Very cool, sorry to hear you have to let it go. What board are u considering replacing it with that would have pneumatic wheels?

Considering Bamboo GT or GTX if manage to sell it.

how much wiggle room on the price

I would hope not much. That’s a pretty fair deal…

I’m interested. i have the urban carver but it seems a lil too skinny for my enclosure… wads ur lowest? ill buy right now for a decent offer? usa California

I am interested. How much shipping to NYC?

Hi, I’d be interested too. In Canada, zip code is H2K 3J8. Could pay via PAYPAL, or any other safe way! thanks.

Got a price in mind without the ESC?

Are those one-off custom mounts?

I’m interested in the wheels and trucks. I’m in SF

Would u be down to trade? I have a bamboo GT that I wanted to sell and I’m really interested in the mountain boards. Let me know

I know its an old post but is the board available?

Whats on hold mean

Where’s the battery???

Sweet Lord. This thread is 16 months old gentlemen.


edit: sold 12 months ago in separate thread by OP