*Sold* Trampa Urban Carver 12s4p 30q, Dual 6374 Complete build

Putting up a feeler for my lightly used Trampa Urban Carver (less than 100 miles)

I have tuned and tested this board extensively. Rides like a magic carpet and has tremendous torque and speed. I rode this morning and was reminded of how great of a build this turned out to be. I built it just before summer last year and had to travel for work, so board didn’t get used much at all.

The only issue, which is an easy fix, is that one of the rear tires has a slow leak. I would suggest just replacing with a new inner tube. I will even include a little portable hand pump so you can ride the board when you get it! This is an open the box and off you go scenario :smile:

I build this board last year using only the best available parts:

-Trampa Urban Carver with Vertigo Trucks, Superstar wheels and 7" Innova tires -Kaly NYC 6374 190 kv motors -Kaly NYC Vertigo Truck Motor Mounts with 62T/16T HTD 5m 15w Aluminum pulleys and belts -Kaly NYC Battery enclosure 1/8 " ABS -FocBOX (was called Vesc-X back then) -Custom made battery pack by Barajabali, shrink wrapped and sealed in enclosure making it very weather proof. This battery pack had to be specially designed to fit the curvature and flex characteristics of the board and enclosure. 12s4p with Samsung 30q cells BMS Vedder Anti Spark Switch Battery level indicator Weather proof charge port -2amp lion charger -2.4Ghz remote and receiver

$2000 US Shipping is included in price and will consider reasonable offers

Thanks for looking


That’s a clean looking board. Good luck on the sale.

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Still available? Ship to Texas? Feel free to PM me.

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sale pending

This boards has sold. Thanks for all of the interest.