(SOLD) - TSG Pass Helmet Black Satin Size L - shipping worldwide

I sell my second TSG Pass Helmet Size L.

Worn for only about 2 - 3 times from a friend of mine. Was kind of my spare helmet, which i have no real use for.

It rolled over a piece of not really dry painted wood, so i had to pollished it but there a still some little white marks on it. Other than that nearly brand new. Comes with the original package with all the stuff like second visor and things you see in the picture.

130 € shipped in EU countries if you are somewhere else and really want it PM me

because some of you wanna know how much it would cost to ship outside of EU, i´m going with

160€ shipped outside of EU worldwide!

Im interested, i live in Spain

dropped you a PM brother

Still on sale! Grab it as long as it´s hot!

Guys, this helmet is still for sale! A couple months ago everyone wanted to get their hands on one of these and now noone´s interested?

If you search for one of these in EU you´ll find prices over 200 € for this beauty! Is 160€ shipped still to high for you? Drop me a PM with your price! Wanna get rid of it before i move house!


Price reduction!

130€ shipped EU 160€ shipped worldwide

Still for sale!

120€ shipped EU 150€ shipped worldwide

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Helmet sold!