SOLD (U.S) Arduino spot welder never used

Not used once bought it in the hopes of building some personal packs but I never found my 3s Lipo so I am just not willing to buy another Lipo . Also comes with the soldering iron kit Payed 150$ Asking 90$ + shipping waited about 2 weeks for it, have it in your hands in 2 days @moderators please close SOLD!

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Not sure how you payed $150.

Full set is $95, $27 shipping… just saying. And I don’t see the hakko iron, so $80 + $27 shipping…

it comes with just didn’t show it my bad


Your price is higher then directly from the guy brand new… Good luck with the sale.

I mean what ever at this point 90$ I don’t really care

I was just letting you know dude…


I’ll tak3 it

pm me 10 char