[SOLD] UK/EU 6374 190KV Sensored Closed Can (Faulty)


These motors were damaged from shipping or they have manufacturing defects. None of these motors have been used.

One motor seems to spin freely and has little/no problems.

But the other motor has a chipped magnet.

There might be other things wrong with the motor with the chipped magnet. But the other one seems to be fine.

I guess only buy this if you need spare parts or know how to fix stuff like this.

Please make an offer

IMG_20181105_092808 IMG_20181105_045511 IMG_20181105_092759 IMG_20181104_094450

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Unless you pimp these motors to the max they will always have “little to no problems” at best.


Yep I am aware of that, and so should the buyer


already sold? I’d be interested

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Yeah sold it like a week ago

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so close the thread :laughing:

e: I hope its ok that I changed the title o3o

@moderators sold now, please close

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Yeah I forgot about this thread

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