SOLD--Unused painted Torque Board 6374 Motor, “sensorless”, $80 including shipping

I purchased several torque board 6374 motors this past summer. While I was waiting for my FOCBOX’s, I primed the motor housing and painted it black with hi-gloss exterior latex paint. My FOCBOX’s arrived just recently and I was able to test my motors. This motor successfully completes both FOC and BLDC setups with the VESC tool. However, when trying to use the hall sensors a bad result is always received. So if anyone wants an almost brand new sensor less 6374 motor, this is it! I’m open to any offers. I think $80 with included shipping is fair.imageimageimage

where are you based?

Melbourne, Florida. An in person trade could work just a well.

Still selling?

Yes sirrr!


tempting but i like sensors too much :rofl:

How much would shipping to the Netherlands be? I don’t mind having no sensor!

Hey everyone, I just sold it. Unfortunately I am unable to delete the post because it states that i do not have permission. So not really sure what to do.

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