[SOLD][US] 170kv Motor 6374 $60 Shipped

Selling a 170kv 6374 Maytech motor. Never been used before just has a few scratches. Currently has a 10mm diameter shaft but I’m throwing in a 8mm diameter shaft with a keyway. Includes keys. $60 shipped through paypal

Does the 8mm shaft just swap out, no grinding or glue or anything?

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I don’t know how it exactly works but i think you need to unscrew something.

Normally, you just remove the C clip from the pulley end and pull the can off. Then loosen the grub screws on the opposite end and pull the shaft out of the can. Depending on how tight it fits, you might have to drive it out with a small press or a drift punch.



Still for sale $75 shipped

Need to sell this to make money quick! Lowest price $60!

Is it still for sale? I’m interested if it is.

I got it :wink: