SOLD! US for sale Brand new nano x like new and nano v2 remotes up for grabs

Hey everyone. I’m putting up for grabs a brand new nano x that I purchased but won’t be needing It comes complete with charging cable and receiver $45

I also a couple of gently used in new condition Nano remotes that I can sell for $30 each charging cable included NO receiver


thanks image image image image

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Location brother? :slight_smile:

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Hola from San Jose ca ma man :wave:t3:

Old post, I know, but I am now in need of a remote as the nanox for my franken raptor 2, I am looking to purchase NOW and get this overnighted asap. I am very interested in finding another controller to use, and can’t see if the raptor owners out there are changing controllers for anything else. …

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@Tello1969 might be able to hook you up bother

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where are you

I am 110 ready to go. Someone just messaged me he has a few new ones. Francisco is yours new or used? Are you on the west coast?

nm enertion sent me a new one like i deserved.

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