[SOLD] [US/TX] Revel kit in good condition (willing to ship)

$500 OBO: Revel Kit (Standard range battery) with blue caguamas, zealous bearings and riptide upgrade bushings (around 90a double barrels) everything in box, rode a few hundred miles with no problems. https://imgur.com/a/CGBM8Mo


How much for just the revel kit?

do you mean just the drivekit without the battery? or the revel kit without the caguamas? without the battery, 400 works. with only the stock wheels, 450

How about $400 revel kit plus battery and shipping?

so you mean you only want the stock wheels with the revel kit instead of with the caguama wheels? for 400? i think for that, the lowest iā€™d go is 425 since i gotta pay for shipping

i dont need the wheels. You can sell the wheels.

oh I see, so only the drive kit and the battery and remote and charger. do you need the pulleys? if you only want to get the kit without any wheels, then I suppose 400 works