[SOLD] [USA] 10s3p 6ah, MBoards esc, boardnamics motor mount+MORE

for sale all prices include shiping prices shipping only to the U.S.

diyeboard 10s3p 18650 6ah lithium ion battery with charger and charging port http://www.diyeboard.com/10s3p-18650-lithium-battery-pack-10s-36v-6ah-with-charger-p-631.html used only 2-3 times great deal
$140 IMG_20190618_200639|375x500

MBoards 10s single belt driven esc

xt60 connector 4mm bullet connectors Current Up to 120A for a few seconds or 50A continuous $55 IMG_20190618_200825 IMG_20190618_200831 IMG_20190618_200847

Boardnamics Caliber II 63mm Motor Mount

stealth black version has a few scrathces but that doesnt affect the performance $15 IMG_20190618_201501

dickyho 15t/36t wheel and motor gear with htd 290 5m belt used for less than a week $20 IMG_20190618_201209 IMG_20190618_201226

What would you want for everything? That’s essentially plug and play except for the case?

Battery still for sale?

motor mount avail?

Currently someone is buying it but if that doesn’t work I will let you know.

Is the dickyho pulleys and belt setup still available?

currently a sale is pending for everything listed but if that falls through i will let you know.

everything has sold