[SOLD] Used Carvon V2.5 + 12s1p LiFePO4 Battery for Sale

Hey All, I am parting with some items. What you see in the pics is what you get. They have typical cosmetic wear and tear but otherwise in good working condition. Do a search on these forums for all my video and review posts if you want to seem em in action. Pretty happy with my Carvon EVO so didn’t really have a need for extra parts. Selling for $325 shipped. US shipping only. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Thread with the OG build: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/a2esk8-mini-cruiser-30-carbon-fiber-deck-single-carvon-v2-hub-motor-12s1p-lifepo4-vesc/5543

Carvon V2.5 Single Hub Motor Clone 90mm Flywheels with trucks (no bearings for front wheels) Shock pads and screws/bolts Custom 12s1p LiFePO4 Battery with charger Custom ABS Enclosure Ollin Board Co. OG VESC 2.4ghz Nano Remote (buggy reception, I recommend replacing it)


PM senttttttt

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Annnd SOLD. Will PM tracking info tomorrow @Mobutusan


Wow…what a deal