*SOLD* Used Items for Sale - Great Condition

Hey All, I’m parting with a few items. What you see in the pics is what you get. They have typical cosmetic wear and tear but otherwise in great working condition. And if you know me, you know I take care of my gear. It’s such an amazing board but I’ve gotten some pretty big career opportunities that have unfortunately reduced my time to ride. US shipping only. Serious inquiries only send me a PM.


$400 shipped or Best Offer V3.5 Carvon SpeedDrive Prototype Unsensored (no sleeves) 97mm ABEC 11 Flywheels Bushings / Shockpads / Hardware

$400 shipped or Best Offer 10s3p Samsung 25r Cells w/BMS + twin VESCS + Charger Custom RunPlayBack ABS Enclosure Shredlights White Pair Front & Red Pair Rear 2.4 ghz Mini Remote + Receiver

$100 shipped or Best Offer Landyachtz EVO Deck (pre drilled enclosure holes)

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Is the battery’s BMS bypassed? (Charge only?)

No bypass BMS is in there and functioning. I’ll share my custom VESC settings with buyer.

when you say carvon v4 do you mean the speedrive, XL or torquedrive.


Oh so close, I’m looking for a XL. Best of luck though!

this is going to flyyyy :smile: congrats on your new job man


Are these unsensored, looks like phase and sensor wires from hubs?

There’s sensor wires on them but for some reason they didn’t calibrate. Might be my BLDC settings but didn’t spend much time troubleshooting. Sensor wires are included if someone could get them to work. For this buy I’m calling them unsensored. I personally prefer unsensored.

there more like 3.5v because what makes a v4 a “v4” is the swappable spokes to take abec or no abec or pneumatics. Given that there no sensord and bassicly v3 700 $ is expensive were selling new ones rn for 750$ v4.5ish
best of luck on sale id buy the landyatch but I already ordered one dammit

Is the LY to the EU a possibility? If yes I’m game, would be good to keep with the enclosure tbh given matching holes

Cool, post updated

Shipping may be too expensive since it’s a big deck, may be more cost effective from an EU retailer? Unfortunately not parting with the enclosure only, just grouped with the battery and electronics.

I’m sure you’re right, whim over good luck :+1:

Bump. Got lots of requests for individual parts but would prefer selling the bundles. See above - dropped the prices and offering best offers. If no one wants I guess I’ll just keep it lol :man_shrugging::sunglasses:

And SOLD…thanks guys. Will probably be lurking here for the most part but big shout out to all the vendors and OG users who made this community so much fun. Please, please keep each other safe out there. Hearing about serious injuries and deaths related to this sport hurts my heart. Never stop innovating and always keep each other inspired! Peace!

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