Sold used parts

4x MBS All terrain 100mm wheels- $40 + shipping

Caliber Trucks x2 = $25 + shipping TB 180mm Trucks x 2 = $25 + shipping

Motor mounts x 3 = $15/each plus shipping Clamps x 4 = $15/each plus shipping

Motor mount and clamp hardware including for 3x sets. See picture.

36T wheel Pulley = $15 plus shipping Random belts = $5/each plus shipping

Shipping from SF Area (use 94112 zip code to estimate shipping costs). Possible FTF.

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Wheels and 2 motor mounts/clamps SPF (sold pending funds) @Bobby Holding to Friday.

Bump for the rest.

I want those wheels if available

Ask me Friday

Def gettin a pair of clamps and picking those wheels up. Sorry folks

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Wheels aren’t that great, ride a bit rough… I would recommend abec 11s 107mm’s or psychos six shooters (my current wheels)

The mbs 100mm’s have been my daily’s for about a month and going from them to six shooters is night and day, but on asphalt they are god awful, on concrete they feel like normal wheels on when ur riding on asphalt lol…

Thanks for the honest opinion… however my roads are a bit rough and for $40 these seem like a steal.

For 40 they are a steal, and with the Middle worn out they should be smoother, mine are staying rough because my 218’s are warping, so my middles aren’t wearing and I’m riding bumps

Brand new I think I paid something like 75

Awww crap! I just read about your trucks in the other post! Thats crazy! Do you think the trucks are the reason the ride is so rougn?

@Holyman92 thanks for the information. I hit 35mph on those wheels on pavement. My other wheels are off Balanced (look warped) too on my other trucks which makes me think it’s my mount position, slave wheel is out of balance, or my 8mm axel is bent (im about 210lbs)

There is one wheel more “used” than the other.

@Bobby do you still want the wheels? I have others willing to take them, thanks

My wheels aren’t warped lol it’s the trucks

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Are the mounts for 63mm motor?


My wheels are off balanced, look warped.

@rsalmon Yes

@ethel my wheels look kind of conical lol

PMed you for two mounts

If anything is still available I’ll basically take whatever is left

BMS Wheels, 2x motor mounts/clamps/hardware SPF to @Bobby (until Friday)

1x clamp/no hardware SPF to @PatRocks

@Zac13 I have 4x trucks, 36T pulley, and belts remaining. If interested please PM a zip code to estimate shipping costs.

Waiting on confirmation for the last motor mount/clamp/hardware. Received multiple messages

Perfect! Pmd