SOLD Used Raptor for sale, about 4 hours of total use! $1350usd

Purchased this board in November, used it about 4 hours, and it has been sitting in my room ever since. I wanted the most powerful board with the longest range, and I got it! I live about 5 miles from work and thought I would make the daily commute with the board, but I just have not done so beyond 3 times. I have the upgraded, larger wheels, and the new battery cover which prevents the signal dropouts. I’ve charged the battery twice.

I live in Redwood City, near San Francisco, California. I would prefer to do a local transaction. I paid about $1600 with four extra belts and the tuning wrench, putting this up for sale for $1400. I also have the USA charging adapter I will throw in. Serious inquiries only please, reach out to jes terf uj at G ma il .com For buyers out of the area, I will probably ask for OnLoop’s / Jason’s help to hold the money in escrow or something like that.

Im sure youll find a buyer. The. Things are great. Surprised you arent getting that much use out if it.

I think you mean GF lid. The one with 100% CF was the one with bad signal.

why are you selling it? or why don’t you use it anymore?

Oh yea, GF lid you are correct. The 100% carbon was the one that cut out initially. Jason mailed the new one to me thx.

bought it to commute to work, but 10 mins in car vs 30mins on board… too long. I also thought I’d take it for rides around the neighborhood which I don’t.

People on reddit are crazy for boards. Post it there and it will sell.

Is this the dual drive raptor ??? With the The newer wheel pulley design l

pictures would be nice.

Yes, dual drive! Good idea about reddit, I wanted to post here first to see if anyone wanted it before I hit craigslist and reddit. Here are pics.

Looks brand new. Keep us posted as to what you end up getting.

Alum pulley not 3d printed as it looks like a Batch 1 Raptor.

Thanks for the comments, didn’t get quite what I had hoped but still fine with what I got back. Cheers

@jesterfuj If you brought it on presale you probably didnt lose out at all for that price. I think you did well