[SOLD] VESC 6 by Trampa (unridden) UK

20190331183306_IMG_2163 20190331183415_IMG_2170 20190331_194229

sat on the bench since new, has only been used for a rig testing(minutes total), it was waiting for a project that evolved into something else… SOLD SOLD SOLD

also whilst I’m here in case anyone is interested in fixing it…

20190331183604_IMG_2173 spares or repairs used Vesc 4.12 BROKEN!! connects to tool seem ok but won’t detect motor

20190331_194152 20190331_194217

£10 Plus PayPal fees and postage


150 pound?

155! :face_with_monocle:

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pm’s sent/replied still available

dropping the unridden trampa vesc 6 to £150

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Dam somepeople sell focboxes for more.

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i’ll take it

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and sold …thanks