(SOLD) WTS Raptor 2 with 50 miles

Selling my raptor 2 with only 50 miles on it. It has focbox’s not unity.

Selling for $800 plus shipping

image image image image image


Bumpppppp :slight_smile:

Is the board still available?

Good deal, someone should pick this up quickly

Indeeed it is :slight_smile:

Waiting on @Phillisuper for final sale.

No response yet. Opened to offers. Lowered price. Need it gone!


Still for sale! $800 plus shipping

Still for sale! Need it gone!

Still?! Damn good deal too

Located in the US?


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God damn :joy:

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Bump! !!!

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Interested, depending on how much shipping is to HI

I pmed you :slight_smile:


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Sold please close

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That took waaaaay too long time :joy:


it’s about damn time! hopefully they provide you with the improved wheel when they finally figure that out

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