Soldering a new capacitor

So I messaged evolve and they are charging me 50 bucks for a new bms. I think only the capacitor of my old one is a little buggy.

Will getting a new capacitor and soldering it on myself be alright? Anything important to know before I do it?

The way I see it, you’ll either

A) spend $50 for a new one


B) maybe fix it for hella cheap, otherwise spend $50 for a new one

Clearly, B is better LoLz

I tried to get the BMS separate from them and they will not sell it to me. I bought my board a year ago in the store(I even sent them the receipt). I’d get the bms as a backup just incase, then try to repair your old one.


Obviously! :smile:

What did they say? I messaged my distributor with pictures of the old bms and told him that the capacitor was a little deformed and it kept shutting down the board randomly and he offered to send me a new one for 50 bucks (37 + 17 shipping)

I said that mine was intermittently working and that I could see a burn spot on the bms itself. They said my only option was to send it in for repairs. I’ll rip that POS out and put two VESC’s in before I send it back to evolve…

I’d get the cap and repair it yourself if I were you. It’s easy enough of you’ve soldered before.

I just saw that blasto mentioned to another user today that capacitors are polarized and should have a ground marking on them. I didn’t know that either.

Hope everything works out for you.

Not all capacitors are polarized, the ones that are, are marked as such

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Most are; the bigger ones definitely are. If it is a polarized one, it’s very important it’s installed the correct direction. The negative leads will be marked somehow.

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Pretty sure size isn’t the issue here (motion in the ocean), but electrolytic capacitors are polarized and go pop or bang depending on the size if you reverse polarity on them. Believe ceramic capacitors or whatever other non electrolytic ones don’t have polarity to them.

The bigger ones are more likely to be electrolytic. The tiny ceramic ones are non-polarised

Yup was still editing to add some clarification but saying if they have a small black one with a white stripe down one side they might be confused about what is “small”

There are also smd caps that are polarized. This doesn’t take this much discussion lol

If it’s polarized, it will say so No matter size or type

What kind of capacitor should I use? Any recommendation?

I would like to get something beefier if possible

A picture or some detail about what capacitor you are trying to replace would be most useful :wink:

Sorry for the shitty picture I look it a few days ago when making a new pack just for reference.

It’s the tiny one under the wires

Lol can you circle it please

What are the values on it? Also, physically looks fine to me…

@scepterr @b264 thank you both for the clarification.