Soldering a vedder antispark switch kit

Hi guys, I received a kit from ollinboards today, and would just like to make sure what I think I’m supposed to do is right before I go ahead and do it.

I’m kinda a noob with this, so I’m assuming that I need to solder wires to the gold colored parts at the ends of the board on all four corners? Also, what temperature should I use on my soldering iron?

Congrats - great anti-spark switch there.

Pretty simple, but your left side is your voltage IN. Right side is voltage OUT.

There may be some more info on the back to clarify this. I had a couple extra kits a while back for folks to solder up themselves, nearly all gone now, but here’s an old pic showing front and back:

So top is your positive bottom is negative.

Top should get a small ATO fuse appropriate for your amps (i think vedder recommended 40a).

Here’s another pic which isn’t totally finished - i needed to add some more solder, but hopefully it makes it nice and clear:


Does the order of the 3 switch wires matter?

Hey man! Thanks for the help! I actually also ordered one of your V2 switches, but I think mine got lost in the mail. My fault, it’s an issue with my current address. =( How about the temperature of the soldering iron? I’ve heard it’s way less then what I should use for wires.