Solderless 5S6P pack build with 18650

This is EXPERIMENTAL Please DO NOT attempt this solderless build method unless you have alot of experience with building battery packs

Before you comment what most people already can figure out… YES It is not a super solid battery pack - It works for me and my requirements

I needed to build a battery pack with some SONY NC1 cells I`ve had sitting in a box for the past 2 years… BUT I didnt want to spend couple hundred dollars on a spot welder and hardware… so I made due with readily available materials.

.high strand tinned wire .electrical tape .wood stir sticks .polycarbonate .stretchy rope

This is my 2nd attempt… the 1st try worked great even outdoors in sub-zero temps… The reason I re-built it was to add 2 more cell per parallel string… Also… I carry the battery in a backpack and have recently taken some big wipeouts… the cells are tightly bound between polycarbonate…

Fairly straight forward… The next pack or If I rebuild this one I would try to use high temp duct tape to secure the cells together. Any questions ??


You should just solder it because if the tape comes loose ur going to have shorts against ur cells

also not likely to be friendly to vibrations and bumps on an e-board. you don’t want cells constantly being disconnected and potentially becoming unbalanced.

Well thankyou willpark16 I dont think a person could build a pack like this if they did NOT already know that!


You’re a pro with that electrical tape!


Thats more effort than soldering or welding. But it is different. How does it work?

ya hey !! lots of practise… I also build plastic-less solar panels…

Send me a vid when it catches fire😁


I want to build something one day with strong spring loaded 3d printed cartridges for each one. It would be cool if they made cases of different sizes that you just slide them in and you could have different configurations of packs (12s4p, 10s4p, etc.)

I think the issue with spring loaded cases and why we dont see them for sale… is they cant handle high currents… erosion of springs and materials… springs losing their spring etc… A case needs to be proven to work for 2000 hours without any degredation. Otherwise the seller has liability. The primary advantage of these 18650 type cell packs is their low weight and compact size for any given capacity, and anything you add will detract from that.

Very well said. If I ever try to do anything I’ll research the concept a great deal and see if I can built it directly into the deck itself so it doesn’t add much size and weight. You gave me great things to consider.

Sorry if my initial post came across overly critical.

Cool build - good ingenuity and obviously some skill involved!

Still think it’s not durable enough for the moderately crappy roads i ride sometimes, but if it works for you - awesome! It would be great to swap to a cell config i want more easily, or if you kill a cell swap in a replacement… I also liked a few of the builds they’ve done w/ neo magnets. More options and ideas are always cool to have!


At first I also thought - uh this is something I have not seen before… will it even work?

but after I saw the clever wood panels on top of cells and also the ‘‘reinforcing with plates’’ it got me thinking this might work ok!

@solarcross So do you press the plates holding the batteries just with these strings/rope or is there something more?

I believe if there was a way to tighten the plates with screws, it should be pretty durable / strong.

At least more stronger, belief/impression wise, than it looks now with the strings/ropes which might not hold into place all the time, I think :slight_smile:

I would think of using some strong rubber bands. And big ass shrink tubes. Not in this order obviously :slight_smile:

@solarcross this is a great concept and you’ve got some serious tape skills! I think that we need more options for developing battery packs without a spot-welder, since many folks don’t have (or want) one. I know for myself I bought a low-cost spot welder and I’ve used it a few times to make packs, but honestly it just sorta sits there looking cool and not being used a lot.

Cool concept, I’m anxious to see more. I’ve always wanted to make a pack out with easily swappable cells by using battery holders like these.

some improvements I plan on making conductive grease individual cell level fusing for thermal runway… but Im reading the failure rate of 18650 is 0.00001%…

Points brought out by another forum… fish paper - gasket material any place a wire comes in close contact with the cell can… Maybe use fibreglass circuit board chunks instead of wood… file down edges…

I have tested my battery pack with an electric snobike

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wow ! sick place.

So Ive been using the pack for 2 weeks without issue… However I want to try and see If I can bring the IR down to Nanotech battery levels… which is 1 Ohm… My pack with just bare wire pressed against the cell is ranging from 7-11 Ohms…I will be trying a silver based product…

Here is an older video… Electric SnoBike Jump on frozen pond