Solidgeeks FireFly Remote with bigger screen. What do u prefer on screen?

Super crazy how difficult it is to developed a new GUI. Never thought it is so hard to find a nice looking solution. I need a bigger screeen do fit everything inside :joy:

I decided to fit in a screen that has double height and write a new GUI. Works fine for now. Added some addisionl features like vibration alarm and headlight support(not yet finished) and a button to change the main screen for additional views.

After a while I found out, that I really needed something like an tuning screen… a screen where u can just se my power and different amperages from the battery and motor. So I created this view.

On the bottom is the trigger indicator, above a big battery bar, on the right site the battery, wifi and headlight status.

I have some huge problems with my battery, so I decided to display also battery amps(top) and motor amps(bottom)

I think about an all data screen with just numbers on it with nearly everything technical data from the Vesc on it… temperatures, amps, voltages, everything… like a debug site.

Now I want to ask u, what do you want for this? What do information do u prefer to look while riding?

image IMG_5927


Imo the less stuff on the screen the better Battery voltage Range traveled/remaining calculated by average wh usage Vesc temp Maybe also something else but i can not rember of anything


Per cell voltage with diebiems would be so cool


Are you able to upload the STL file for the larger screen?

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Best firefly mod :hushed:

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Ill ask it here,

Is there a CAD file for this remote?

I want to make like CNC bamboo case, it will look awesome. Maybe a aluminium throttle.



@deucesdown I don’t have an diebiems… maybe in the future :slight_smile:

@Yegmesh I can do, but I made a special version with 963ZZ bearings… I also used a normal 6x6mm tactile switch instead the normal micro switch. Gives a much better feedback with the trigger.


@pjotr47 thanks!

@moon please ask Solidgeek directly… I ll not give them away.


Ok. I will ask him again :slight_smile:

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What screen size is it running on? I remember tried programming a 128x64 pixel screen on my Arduino nano and it is almost out of memory that it can hardly work with the VESC UART library that was developed by one of the members (I think he is SolidGecko) here.

I was initially quite interested to port the codes over to use on a STM blackpill micro processor. But haven’t have the time to do so

128x64 0,96inch For me it working without any issues. The memory is a problem… that’s true. I ll also try to port everything to a better chip. The feather m0 locks interesting. Build in Lipo handling and NRF transmitter. I have one at home. Maybe I ll give it a try in the future.

This Is only a bit modified version to make it more stable and handy for me.

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Bamboo case, I’m all over that bud. Hit me.

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Yes. I just came across the feather m0. It looks to be a very good package size for what they have to offer.

I am intending to add on a small rotary encoder so that one can use it to edit settings on the fly. Like changing the cruise control speed, the wheel size, and so on.

But with the form factor being sleek, it is a little challenging to try and add any new stuff to it without compromising the sleek design of the firefly

Yeah it will look beautiful - I just need to wait for files to make design changes

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Bamboo case with the single board and a larger screen is heaven.


U might need to add some counterweight at the bottom of the remote so that the throttle area will not be too heavy and feels alittle unbalanced in ur hands

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“WE CHangeD ThE RAptOr 2 haNDLe FOr BEtTer weigHt dISTRibUTION” - Jason, Enertion

Yeah your right. Good idea

Did Jason really said that?

Yeah something along those lines

Did you mean 693ZZ bearings? Cant find any called 963ZZ :slight_smile:

Sorry… u are right! Its 693ZZ :slight_smile: