SOLVED! Gt2b mod fault brakes/acceleration,won't charge

Anyone else had problems with the power switch on the circuit board of the gt2b? Seems the metal housing is loose and the lights will go out while the switch is in the on position! I have crimped it back down tight with a pair of pliers and added a bit of loctite to it just so it doesn’t move about ,just wondered if this is a common fualt?

This has been driving me mad! The board was acting weird brakes would come on at very low speed and acceleration was hit and miss very sketchy! Would put my moded gt2b on charge and the little light would stay green. I noticed the power switch still seemed loose so pushed down on it while it was plugged in with the light still on green and it turned to red and started charging! So I crimped down with a pair of pliers on the switch towards the circuit board and all is well now no longer a sketchy ride and it charges! finally got my trusty board back! If you have a moded gt2b that won’t charge or causing you weird little issuse it’s most likely this! Check to see if your switch is wobbly,should be tight!