(solved) Mosfets over temp

I just bought my first VESC and got it running… for about 25 seconds. After a lot of reading and research I figured out that my mosfets are overheating, according to the BLDC tool. Without even running the motor the mosfets are at over 110deg C. I used a temp gun and check all the fets and they were at about 22deg C. The below image is the temps as I breath on R1 (area). There is no way that my breath can elevate the temp from 112 C to 114C. What I’m guessing is that either the R1 value is wrong or somewhere in the software you can calibrate these temps. I’m mechanical engineer so I can build most anything but know very little about software. Can anyone shed any light on this or seen this?

Also, can anyone explain how I can get the last line in the gray displays viewable. I tried changing the resolution and got nothing.

Let me guess, bought from ? They got a bad batch… I had the same problem, the best I got from them was to pay for shipping it back and they’ll send a new one…

You are right sir. Looks like I’ll be e-mailing them right now.

Yep. Saw another thread with the FETs “overheating” in -11°C weather… Who would have thought? :smiley:

Turns out DIYeletricskateboards shipped bad VESCs. Anyone else seeing this with theirs should send it back and they will send you a new one.

I have one too, but if they shipped a bad VESC why are we paying to ship it back?

I don’t know. It doesn’t sound like have very good customer service. I might have to take my business somewhere else in the future.

It took me three different emails and asking over live chat two or three times to get them to give me an RMA number and get my motors replaced (and I paid to ship them back) after they deformed due to insufficient aluminum on the motor near the shaft. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt that they have a reason to be so busy and unresponsive but I’ll be weighing my options with this in mind next time I’ll have to buy esk8 parts.