SOLVED* Motor Detection Failed

Hi guys I am configuring my brand new enertion VESC-X witha a turnigy SK3 6354 260 kv motor. I have a 6s setup and am trying to do motor detection. When I click start detection, my motor spins really fast then it stops really fast and then it spins slow. Then I get “Bad Detection Result Recieved” Here are my settings:

Any thoughts?

lower your low voltage cutoff, that’s definitely an issue

Just noticed that Doesn’t fix problem I put it to 21 and 20.4

Try a different phase wire combo, make sure they are not shorting as well

ok That did not work either…

Did you hit “write” when you did your changes?

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Try doing motor detection with a lower voltage. Try 4s if possible.

Ok I will give that a whack

Is your remote connected to the vesc?

No I did not have it plugged in

Just to the computer

Could you take a picture of your setup pls?

I’m at work right now. I can continue to update this thread with photos… etc once I am off work.

I was also thinking about doing a full charge on my batteries before running the motor check… would that help?

I fully charged batteries and then made sure to write configuration before doing motor detection. This fixed my problem

that is what I didn’t do haha

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